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Braun Series 7 vs 8 vs 9 Electric Shaver: Ultimate Comparison

by  Kin Liu -  Last updated on January 12, 2021

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Nicking, grabbing, razor burn, oh my! These are reasons enough to invest in a quality electric razor and Braun offers the best models on the market.

Akin to iphones, they’ve been churning them out every five years or so and the differences between the three seem sparse.

We are looking for a close shave, easy maintenance, and reliability when it comes to my razors. If the baseline is met, then anything exceeding that expectation is worth it, in our opinion.

Braun is known for their close shaves and modern razor technology. An esteemed brand such as Braun, comes with a history of reliable razors and updating their razor technology throughout the years.

Complete with cleaning and charging stations it’s hard not to be lured by the features. Deciding to splurge on a product, means you’re investing in what that product is offering. For these electric razors, it’s a matter of the quality matching up with the quantity of these hefty prices.

Luckily, this brand has a history of reliable razors and constantly updating razor technology. They strive for long lasting products that people can feel comfortable with. If this is where you’re starting your search for either an upgrade or a first razor, then you’re in no better place to be than at Braun.

The costs are always something to be mindful of as well. Since these razors are top of the line they bring expensive to a new level when it comes to electric razors. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a deal breaker when you have the dough to back it up, but for beginners it may seem daunting.

As you move along this process just keep in mind what features are important for you and what you can live without. Meaning, some could live just as easily with a Series 7 whereas others appreciate as many features and options as possible.

You’ll see as you read on that we break down every component of the three most up to date Braun razors and hopefully help anyone along the way make a good decision.

Braun Series 7 vs 8 vs 9 at a Glance

Braun Series 7 Advantages:

  • The razor comes with a cleaning station that uses an alcohol based cleaning solution.
  • The razor head can move in 8 directions meaning hard to shave places like under your chin can be shaved with ease.
  • Reliable razor for those with sensitive skin and/or shaving for the first time.
  • 5 different speed options available.

Braun Series 7 Disadvantages:

  • Replacement razor heads are pricey! Averaging about $36, this may be a problem for those with thicker hair who experience razors dulling quicker.
  • Awkward battery screen placement, located at the bottom of the handle.
  • Only the 7856 model offers wet and dry shave.

Braun Series 8 Advantages:

  • LED Battery indicator
  • 20 percent more battery life
  • Closer shave with 30,000 cutting actions per minute
  • Automatic voltage adaption for North American and European outlets

Braun Series 8 Disadvantages:

  • Cleaning and charging station takes up counter space
  • Awkward trimmer

Braun Series 9 Advantages:

  • Closer shave with 40,000 cutting actions per minute
  • 10d Contour flex head
  • Mounted trimmer
  • Travel lock function

Braun Series 9 Disadvantages:

  • Their most expensive razor

Winner: Don’t want to read the full article? The editor’s choice is the Braun Series 9.

What’s the Difference Between Them?


Braun Series 7

This electric razor came out 5 years ago, and is still very much beloved. It has a unique design, specifically developed by Braun, that is applied to the other models. With a silver simple design, the razor is lightweight and has a nice grip.

It does come with a trimmer, but it was awkwardly placed on the side and does feel cheaply made. It’s also important to understand that this razor doesn’t offer wholly wet and dry shaving. The 7856 model is the only one that truly offers in this line of Series 7, so keep that in mind when making your final purchase.

It comes with a curly charging cord and a travel case for mobility. The travel case itself is nice, but the material will attract lint if you’re traveling with it in the bottom of your bag. Another great feature that comes with Braun razors are the cleaning and charging stations. It’s easy to use and takes the chore out of electric razor maintenance.

When it comes to speed, the Series 7 also offers five different speed settings which haven’t been translated into the newer models. The variability of options in this respect may appeal to people who have different routines every morning and aren’t always rushing to get somewhere.

When you unbox this product you’ll be receiving:

  • The razor body and head
  • Charging cord
  • A travel case
  • MicroComb cleaning brush
  • Cleaning and charging station
  • One case of the alcohol based cleaning solution

Needless to say, this razor comes with some reliable shaving and features, but this is an outdated razor for an expensive price. This just might be the best option for first time buyers. You’ll be able to experience the best technology Braun has to offer, but at a fraction of the cost.

Then, when your razor runs out of life down the road you’ll have a better sense of what it means to have a Braun razor without having to break your bank in the beginning. If you’re looking to upgrade your old Braun razor for something sleek and modern then you might consider buying something a bit more up to date, considering it might be missing features you were really looking forward to.

Braun Series 8

With a quiet release, this razor shared many similarities with its predecessor. They share the same razor head, but the Series 8 has a slimmer grip with an updated modern design. Braun is also known for their waterproof qualities, luckily every model of their razors has this technology.

They also decided to leave behind the awkwardly placed battery life display from the Series 7 and gave the Series 8 a modern LED display on the front. They also decided to leave the curly charging cord behind and provide a sleeker one.

Now the best part about this updated product is the extended battery life. With the Lithium-Ion battery, it gives the Braun Series 8 an extra ten minutes of shaving. There are definite upsides from the Series 7, that they decided to upgrade and given the expensive prices it’s very much appreciated.

Also, unlike the Series 7 and it’s previous incarnations, the Series 8 offers a voltage adaptation for North American and European outlets. Wherever you travel among these continents, you can be worry free about finding a charge for your razor.

When you unbox this product you’ll be receiving:

  • The razor body and head
  • A travel case
  • Charging cord
  • MicroComb cleaning brush
  • The cleaning and charging station
  • One case of the alcohol based cleaning solution

These razors are very well regarded with those who have sensitive skin. Razor burn is something we wish could never exist, so a razor that is built for delicate skin is the razor for us. It’s also available at a better price than the Series 9.

For those looking to upgrade an old razor without paying from a deep pocket, then the Series 8 might be for you. It shares many of the same features as the Series 9 and may make a great placeholder until you’re ready to afford the next impending razor when it hits the market.

This process is more akin to that of climbing a ladder slowly, but steadily. More importantly, we want a razor that will last in the long run, because that’s what it means to truly invest in something.

  • Notable Specs
  • 60 minute shaving time
  • Precision head lock feature
  • 32 bit MCU chip that adapts to your beard density

Braun Series 9

This is the most up to date razor in the Braun series, and given the hefty price there’s a lot to love about this electric razor. Both the Series 7 and 8 had a 4 element razor head whereas the Series 9 has 5 cutting elements! The razor head is where its efficiency lies.

The contouring on the razor has upgraded from 8 directions to 10 directions, meaning tough to shave areas such as the neck and under your chin can be reached with ease. The LED display screen is also similar from the Series 8 edition, same as the design of the razor. The slender, sleek design with the easy grip is here to stay.

The downgrade from the Series 8 is the return to the 50 minute shaving time rather than the 60 minute shaving time that the Series 8 provided. Another upgrade from the other series is the cleaning and charging station. They added an advanced drying system, making it a cleaning, charging, and drying station.

When you unbox this product you’ll be receiving:

  • The razor body and head
  • A travel case
  • Charging cord
  • MicroComb cleaning brush
  • The cleaning and charging station
  • One case of the alcohol based cleaning solution

This is the most up to date razor technology out on the market at the moment, making this a very valid choice when investing in something expensive. With all the features, options, and adaptability that this razor offers it’s no surprise why Braun prices it so highly.

They promise razors that work and that work the best out of any other electric razor brands on the market. Of course, prices can lie, but we found that this razor lives up to the hype that comes with an expensive price tag.

  • Notable Specs
  • 50 minute shaving time
  • 5 element razor head
  • Adaptive shaving motor

Verdict: Braun Series 9

Construction, Ergonomics, and Design

Braun specializes in their own unique razor head design. It encompasses Opti-foil cutting elements with skinguards, and a hair trimmer. The design is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Their models are all 100% waterproof and don’t need to come with waterproof covers that some razors apply to their designs.

We wouldn’t recommend submerging any razors under water, but if you’d rather shave in the sower then you can do that worry free with these lines of razors. You can shave, rinse, and apply cream worry free.

The gripping properties are also meticulously considered and play a big part in the electric shaving process. Your hands get wet when you’re doing a wet shave, causing electric razors to possibly get slippery.

With the textured rubber featured on the sides of these Braun razors, it combats that slippery feel and keeps your fingers in place. People don’t typically stick to one shave over the other often and tend to encompass both, so a razor that takes that into consideration is important.

The razor is coated in titanium which helps with the hygienic quality of the product and adds to the aesthetic properties of the razors. Isn’t it great when a razor can do both? We find that aesthetic properties matter because it usually adds to the overall feel of the razor.

People have their preferences and a brand that recognizes that and tries to implement a clean design that can be liked by everyone, is recognizable. All in all, these razors are built to last whilst being efficient.

Whether you prefer a razor head with the most up to date features or chose an older model with less features, there’s no going wrong with choosing a Braun Series.

That said, something we really appreciate is how the change in design with each subsequent series really improved. The Series 9 is by and large the most sleek and sophisticated shaver among the three options.

They’re a little bigger, which all for a better grip and ease of maneuverability around your facial hair, but is basically the same weight as the other two. Braun really pulled out all the stops with this newest version.

Verdict: Braun Series 9

Battery Life

Shaving can sometimes take time, and considering the battery life of a razor is important! Luckily these models promise a 50 minute shaving time before needing a charge. The Series 8 also boasted that it could go one month with one charge, though we haven’t tested the theory out.

These models utilize a Li-on battery and starting with the Series 8, give LED displays on the battery level. In case your battery does die and you need a quick shave, there’s a quick shave feature that lets the razor start after charging for only five minutes.

We believe this is an important feature to consider because it also reflects the product’s life longevity. If your razor is consistently dying on you, then it’s reliability in the long run may also be in question.

Braun razors are usually consistent with their shaving times and their charging times. We find that these features are important to those who consistently shave, and have their electric razors be a big part of their morning routines. If shaving every day is not something you sympathize with, then buying an older model might just be your speed.

Verdict: Braun Series 7


Each of these series come with a cleaning and charging station that are convenient and innovative. The alcohol based cleaning solution disinfects and lubricates the razor’s blades. Refilling the cleaning solution may seem like a hassle or an extra cost to some, but the easy usability of the station is one of my favorite things about Braun Series razors.

To activate the self-cleaning process all you need to do is just place the razorhead side down into the port and press the power button on the cleaning station.The different models will come with slightly different stations that utilize different LED displays to light the way.

We also wondered if the cleaning and charging stations could be interchangeable between the models and found that they could charge different Braun Series razors, but could not activate the cleaning. This is due to the different razor heads that each model has.

Braun Series cleaning and charging stations offer hands-off maintenance becoming the best time saver for your morning. The only downside to the cleaning stations are the replacement of the cleaning solution cartridges.

You can find packs of them on Amazon around 20 to 30 dollars. It may seem cumbersome to those who are used to rinsing out razor heads and being done with it, but it’s hardly comparable to the ease that cleaning and charging stations provide. Just understand that replacing the solution will have to happen every 6 months or so.

Of all the three, we found that the cleaning station of the Series 9 has a very minimalist user interface that allows you to work everything with just one button. It has a fan to dry the shaving head so you don’t need to worry about moisture staying on the head or needing time to set it sit for the water to evaporate.

Verdict: Braun Series 9

Shaving Experience

Of course, the most vital thing to keep in mind is how your shaving experience is with each razor. I’m always looking for something that will work extra hard at keeping a close shave and spare me the itch and rash from razor burn.

Though it may seem alarming at first, Braun Series razors utilize a back and forth motion for their razors. No matter how your hairs are standing, these razor heads were built to catch every one. Series 7 and 8 use three cutting elements with skin guards to catch even the most stubborn hairs.

The Series 9 has four of those elements, making it even more clear as to the expensive price. If you are looking to invest more money into a razor that’s going to treat your skin sensitively and get as close of a shave as possible then, the Series 9 might be your best bet.

It’s built to handle flat, unruly, and thicker hair than their past models. If you struggle with curly thick hairs, then you know the struggle of getting a close shave. Another aspect of your shaving experience is being able to give beards and sideburns precise trimming.

All the Braun models come with some attachments or mounted trimmers. The Series 9 has a trimmer that can flip up. We found that the trimmer available with the Series 7 is more precise, but the Series 9 is great at encompassing all other parts about personal grooming.

The other Series 7 and 8 are reliable, but if the price still seems too high for outdated models then you’ll know that buying their most recent razor will give you the payoff you’re looking for.

Verdict: Braun Series 9


Though these razors are cut from the same cloth, the differences between them are enough to decide between the three of them. Given the research, we found that they were all reliable with only trivial flaws.

The Series 7 or 8 are great for those who are shopping for razors on a budget. The Series 7 is bulkier and has dated technology, but besides design and modern technology it’s reliability is still heavily accounted for.

The Series 8 is a more modern, updated razor and is still a bit cheaper than the most modern Series on the market today. The Series 9 boasts the more modern technology with updated and improved features such as the mounted trimmer and cleaning station.

With this razor you’re getting the most out of razor technology. You can be sure that the money you put into the most modern technology will likely mean that your razor will last a very long time. We’ve heard stories of Braun razors lasting people upwards of five to ten years.

Though, we must say that if you are not a consistent shaver and that shaving is not a big part of your morning rituals then you might consider purchasing an older model. Braun electric razors are for those who are serious about their facial hair.

Whether it means trimming a voluptuous beard or staying clean shaven every day, then Braun is a great brand. That’s why people make investments in things as material as razors because they end up being a consistent part in people’s lives.

We believe it’s an investment worth making if you’re looking to invest in a brand as esteemed as Braun.

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