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Braun Series 9 9291cc Electric Shaver: Ultimate Review

by  Kin Liu -  Last updated on February 9, 2021

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Shaving is a pretty regular grooming process that many of us go through. As such, the struggle to find a high end razor that won’t give out on you in just a few months is one that is shared by many.

You aren’t the only one who needs a new razor and you’re certainly not alone when it comes to navigating the world of shaving products. Whether you’re looking for a razor that will last a long time or reduce razor burn and cuts, there’s the right razor out there.

One of the best razors, in fact, is from the well-known brand Braun. They recently released a new Series 9 razor that cuts down on razor burn and doesn’t cut or nick as often as other brands may.

It’s certainly a top tier razor and will show in your checkbook, but for those of us who shave often and need a quality product, it’s worth every penny. The Braun Series 9 has upgrade features and is one of Braun’s most advanced razors yet.

It has both a wet function and a dry function, improved power, and a new shaving head design. The special features run the price up, but once you know just what you’re getting into, it’s unlikely you won’t find the price worth it.

Overview of Braun Series 9

  • This is Braun’s most advanced series yet with four individual cutting elements and high power. It provides an extremely close and smooth shave for even the most coarse and dense hair thanks to the many elements that make up the shave head.
  • It has the ability to read your skin and hair and automatically adjust up to 160 times per second during usage.
  • Its power and shave head will adjust depending on your position to prevent irritation.
  • The cutting elements of the Braun Series 9 shaver head lift hair follicles up and away from your skin to deliver a clean shave no matter which direction your beard grows. Even if some of your hairs grow in strange or different directions, this razor will cut through them smoothly and without irritating your skin.
  • It comes with the first ever non-alcoholic cleaning solution that cleans your razor and sterilizes it. After each full cleaning, the razor head feels like brand new no matter how long you’ve had it.
  • The Series 9 all use similar shave heads so whichever model you decide to purchase, you’ll receive the same clean cut and advanced trimming elements.
  • Each razor comes with an automatic self-cleaning station. Once you mount the razor in the solution, the cleaning station will automatically and intelligently decide which cycle to use depending on how long it has been since the last full cleaning. It’s entirely automatic and easy to set up.
  • The Series 9 razors were all upgraded to feature both wet and dry shave modes and are waterproof up to 5 meters deep. You can now take this razor with you in the shower or use your favorite shave cream without worrying about damaging the device.

Key Features

  • Sheer Power

The upgraded trimming elements contribute to one of the cleanest shaves you’ll ever get. With 40,000 cuts per minute, it has four times the power as the Series 7.

  • Waterproof and Versatile

It is 100% waterproof and can be used as either a dry razor or a wet razor.

  • Self-Cleaners

The Braun Series 9 models all have self-cleaners that are sold with them. The cleaning stations provide a sanitized shave head and an automatic, intelligent cleaning process to protect your razor from bacteria and guarantee you can always shave cleanly.

  • Great for Thick Beards

It shaves thick beards easily and without leaving multiple nicks and razor bumps behind.
The upgraded power and close shave is great for those who grow beards quickly and find that regular razors may have problems on the daily. This powerful razor will blaze through stubborn hair and cleanly get rid of hair at any thickness.

  • Comes with Travel Lock

The travel lock prevents the razor from turning on at an inopportune moment or running down the battery.

Product Specs

  • The shaver is very lightweight and built with a matte plastic body. The finish prevents fingerprints and smudges that will ensure your razor always looks sparkling new and clean.
    Extra slide out trimmer on the back that makes it easy to see what you’re doing when using the razor.
  • The back of the razor is covered in a grippy rubber material to prevent the razor from slipping out of your grip during use. You can safely use this razor in the shower and even though it has a plastic body, the rubber grip on the back and sides will keep it securely in your hand.
  • Braun’s Series 9 shaver head locks into place securely but is also easy to remove and clean. With two buttons on either side of the head, you can safely get the head off without cutting yourself in the process or damaging the razor.
  • This series comes with two different hard textile cases for traveling and carrying your razor around. They will both keep your razor safe during travel and prevent unwanted damage when you may not be thinking about it.
  • To charge the razor, you can either plug it into the cord directly or place it in its stand and it will charge from there. This allows more versatility when traveling.
  • It can cleanly shave long hairs that lie flat on the skin or pose problems to regular razors.
    The blades in this razor are designed to pull flat hair up and away from your skin so you can get all the hair in one smooth shave.
  • This razor also features an LED battery display with 5 levels so you can easily tell when your razor needs to be charged and how much longer it may last.


  • Choice of shaving elements

It features four special shaving elements to provide a close, smooth shave and prevent irritation in all cases. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and tough beards and powerful enough to cut through a beard that’s 3 days old without problem.

It’s entirely cordless so you can use it no matter where you are in the house.

  • 60-minute shave time

The battery life was improved by 20% compared to previous Braun razors and now runs up to 60 minutes at a time without needing to be recharged. If you need a quick shave, though, and don’t want to wait the full 60 minutes for the battery to charge, there’s a quick charge option that will have your razor ready to go in just 5 minutes.

All the models in Braun’s Series 9 collection feature the same advanced shave heads so you can purchase a cheaper option and receive the same top notch technology.

The battery will hold power long enough you can go a week or more without needing to charge it depending on how long you spend shaving each day.

  • Great for sensitive skin

This is a great razor for even those with sensitive skin. It shaves so smoothly and doesn’t leave razor burn behind at all, even with coarse hair.

  • Conveniently cordless

This razor can only be operated cordless due to the wet and dry feature. It charges quickly (within five minutes it can be used) but as a safety precaution, the razor won’t allow use while charging.

  • Automatic power adjustment

The razor easily reads the density of your beard and adjusts the power automatically to provide the smoothest cut possible. It will run stronger over the more coarse sections of your beard and lighter over the more sparse parts.


  • Cost

This is a pretty expensive shaver. It tends to hover around $300 which is pricey for a razor and not budget friendly. For a razor that won’t put you so far back, consider the Series 5 or Series 7.

  • Grip on wet-dry switch could be improved

The grips on the wet-dry switch don’t actually do much to keep your thumb from slipping while in use and are more decorative than helpful.

  • Razor head cleaning

The razor head can be difficult to clean if you aren’t using the automatic self-cleaning station available for it.

  • Not all include self-cleaning station

Only the cc models of the Series 9 include the self-cleaning station. With any of the s models or other Series 9 models, you’ll have to purchase the cleaning station separately and at an extra cost.

Why Get the Braun Series 9?

You may be on the fence as to whether or not this razor is really worth the money. But when you consider all the features in the overall design, the decision becomes much easier to make.
Amazing Shave

First and foremost, you’d be most interested in the shaving experience. There’s no point if this shaver comes with all the bells and whistles yet doesn’t deliver in terms of the actual effectiveness.

You’d be pleased to know that this shaver is impressive with its most complex shaver head yet. Braun has managed to create some form of a cushion that they’ve positioned right underneath the blades. This really allows for a close shave since the blades can move a lot more freely.

As compared with other shavers, the Series 9 performs very well cutting through a stubble that’s about 3 days old. The Braun 9 series is not only effective, it’s extremely comfortable and even soothing on sensitive skin.

The Direct & Cut trimmer is truly great on hair that happens to grow in different directions while the Active Lift trimmer boasts a super sturdy and strong titanium coating. This series has been thoughtfully designed to tackle all sorts of your beard problems superbly.


There are three models, with two different versions of razors in the 9 Series. The first is a dry razor, that can still be rinsed under the tap. These razors cannot be submerged in water, and you should avoid getting any inside the razor’s mechanisms.

The second type of razor is a wet and dry model. This allows you to shave both inside and outside the shower if you so choose. You can also clean your razor’s head yourself, or utilize the cleaning station that Braun provides.

The cleaning station will require you to buy cleaning cartridges, but will do a safe and thorough job. Braun also provides you with a brush to clean out the razor head on dry razors. If you want to use shaving gel or cream, you will need to clean the head and run it under the tap.

Make sure to use products that are approved to be used with Braun razors to avoid any issues.
The dry razors can be used cordless after being charged, or while charging and plugged into an outlet.

The charger itself is also noteworthy because of Braun’s universal approach to outlets. They designed their chargers to work with any outlet around the world, meaning you never need to worry about an adapter.

In addition to the universally compatible outlet charger, you also get a convenient travel case. This means you can easily pack your razor in your bag and go. There is no need to be covered in stubble with this razor.

Easy Cleaning

Gone are the days of having to clean your razors manually. The series 9 razors by Braun come with a new five- action system for both charging and cleaning. This means that you can forget trying to clean out your razor with that tiny little brush you get.

The dock for the Series 9 razors is dual charging and cleaning, with the only alcohol- based five action cleaning station in the world. While you will need to buy the cleaning cartridges, they are simple to put into place and replace after use.

The dock cleans the shaving head, removing any hair, gel, shaving cream, or bacteria you may have on it. The head of the razor is also sterilized to make it ready for the next use, and dried with a fan inside the docking unit.

At the same time all of this is happening, you will also have the razor charging and the inner parts of the razor will be lubricated. All of this happens without you having to lift a finger.

You can choose to clean your razor after every use, or before you need to use it. The process is quick and you will be fully shaved and ready to go in a little over an hour. That means you don’t need to stress about your razor not being charged overnight or wasting time in the morning.

You will need to change out the cleaning cartridges in the cleaning dock after use. Though there are tips and tricks for getting them to last longer online, it is recommended you go with the factory recommended use.

While this is an extra cost, it will keep your razor working as it should and preventing problems. This is especially important because of the lubrication of the inner working of the razor that occurs when you place it in the cleaning dock.


Made in Germany, this razor is designed with quality and comfort in mind. There are no cheap Chinese imports or sweatshop centers putting together these razors. Instead, you get the name and quality Braun is associated with.

The Series 9, like all Braun razors, is a foil razor. This means there is a thin layer of titanium separating your skin and the blades. That allows for a close shave, while still protecting your skin. Considering it provides 40,000 cross cuts per minute, even the most sensitive skin will be protected.

The Series 9 from Braun also has a pivoting head, allowing you to shave in more difficult areas. This is important because foil razors have sadly lacked the ability to get more difficult areas in the past.

Typically, to get into more difficult areas, you would have to get a rotary razor. But with the pivoting head, Braun helps to make up the difference and give you the full shave you are looking for.

A chrome body makes the razor look great, while the lightweight construction makes it easy to hold while in use. The ergonomic design will prevent hand cramping, no matter how long you are shaving. The curve of the handle will also make it easy to hold onto, so there are no slips or accidental drops.

You also get to shave exactly where and how you want. The Series 9 introduced three razors with one of them, the 9095cc being both wet and dry capable. That means you can shave in the shower, use gels or creams, and never have to worry about having to sacrifice comfort for a good shave.

Overall Design

When you look at the Series 9 razors, they are very similar looking. But subtle differences in the designs make or break which option you will be going with. The 9095cc, the 9295cc, and the 9290cc are all built to be ergonomic and sleek looking.

The 9295cc and the 9290cc are both dry razors only. The only real difference between the two of them is that the 9295cc has a chrome finish, while the 9290cc is a less shiny silver finish.

The 9095cc is waterproof up to 16 feet, and can work in wet or dry situations. You can use shave gel and cream with it, but it is recommended that you wipe as much off as possible before putting it in the cleaning station.

Regardless of which option you go with, all three models come with SyncroSonicTM technology. There are also five parts to the razor’s head.

On either end, there is OptiFoilTM, which protects your skin from the blades. There is also a Hyper Lift and Cut trimmer, a Direct and Cut trimmer, and a protective skin guard. This allows the razor to get longer hairs, as well as stubble, for a more even and clean shave.

There are also further guards to allow for trimming if you prefer to keep stubble. The Series 9 razors by Braun far surpass their former models, such as the Series 7 razors. These models are four times faster, with 40,000 cuts per minute, rather than the former 10,000 per minute.

Braun themselves claim that the shaving experience has been improved by 40 percent, with more power than ever before. The battery life has been improved and overall, the Series 9 is a far better design than previous Braun products.

There is a movable head that picots and locks into place depending on where you want it. The pivoting head moves in five different angles, allowing for a better, more thorough shave. There is also an LED display for easy to read numbers to choose your setting.

This includes things like hygiene status, battery life left, and whether the travel lock is on or not. If you need to take your razor on the go, there is also a travel lock to prevent bumps turning your razor on. This will also save your battery life while on the go.

Charging Time

The charging station comes with two modes. The first is the full 60- minute charge. This can be done at the same time as the cleaning is occurring, with three minutes for cleaning, and roughly 40 minutes for drying. There is also a five minute “quick charge” option to save time if you are in a rush.

When fully charged, you get around 50 minutes of shave time to do your thing. It is recommended that you change out the cleaner cartridges every three to four months, and replace the shaver head once every two years.

All Braun Series 9 razors, regardless of the model you choose, comes with a two- year warranty. If you haven’t been happy with previous Braun razor models, you will be pleasantly surprised at what the Series 9 has to offer. This is truly their best razor so far in both design and performance.


If you want a comfortable shave, without all the hassle, the Braun Series 9 is a great option. The 9095cc is the clear winner out of the three with the wet and dry dual capability. The versatility Braun provides, plus the ease in which you can clean up afterwards, makes this a great everyday razor. And the travel carrier means this works as an on the go razor as well. If you have a limited budget, then we recommend buying the Braun Series 7 or  Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver

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