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How to Soften a Beard? – Beginner Friendly Guide

by  Kin Liu -  Last updated on January 24, 2022
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Beard grooming can be a tiring job when you keep your beard dry and unhealthy, not only does it start looking scraggly and dull, but it can also start feeling rough and itchy. It can start to get split ends, lose it’s shine, and even become much harder to tame and style. Best way to get rid of all this is use the best beard products.

It means you are more likely to get dry flaky skin, or ‘beardruff’, under your beard too. And let’s face it, dandruff in your beard is nobody’s ideal look. So, if you are tired of having itchy skin and giving your friends beard rash whenever you hug them, then it might just be time to take action.

Luckily for you, there are a whole bunch of simple steps you can take to help soften a dry and brittle beard. In no time you can restore the lustre of your facial hair and have a healthy, itch-free beard once again. What are you waiting for?

Why is my beard rough?

But first thing’s first. To make sure you get the best results from these steps, it is important to understand why your beard gets dry and rough in the first place.

That way you can build a healthier beard-care routine to keep your beard damage free, as well as knowing what and why you are doing to fix and soften it again.

While beard hair is naturally more rough, thick and dry than the hair on your head, there are many factors that can make it worse. Let’s dig into the main ones here.

Not enough moisture

A dry beard means a beard that isn’t soft. Your skin and hair produce natural oils but when you use artificial shampoos or soaps, these can get stripped away. They can dry out your skin and beard and if they are not replenished with conditioning products, can leave your beard feeling rough and overly-dry.

Split ends

Another problem in beards that can make them feel scratchy and rough is split ends. These are fairly common and predominantly happen to dry and damaged hair. They can be brought on by a variety of factors from a lack of trimming, harsh outdoor conditions, to an old razor or your diet.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do to repair split ends other than trim them out regularly, and moisturize as a preventative measure.

The weather

Watch out if you live in a cold climate as cold weather can actually contribute to drying out your beard and causing it to become unhealthy and rough! Other extreme weather conditions like wind and sun can also do this.

The wrong care

Finally, if you don’t take care of your beard in the right way, you might start to notice your beard getting rough and unhealthy. Anything from using the wrong products, to not not using any products, to just completely leaving your beard alone.

Best ways to soften a beard

Ok so now we know why our beard feels rough, what about how to fix it? Check out these 7 tips on how to soften your beard in no time.

Trim regularly

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As we discussed, one of the common causes of a rough beard that no longer feels soft is split ends. Trimming your beard regularly is the most effective way to combat this as it removes any damaged ends with a clean cut.

This leaves your beard looking fresh but most importantly feeling a lot more healthy and soft. It also allows you to remove any and wiry or rigid hairs that are less flexible and harder to style than others.

Although you may trim or groom with a razor or shaver anyway, this exercise is best done separately to this with a pair of sharp scissors. This is so you can target individual hairs and not further damage the ends.

How do you spot the split ends or damaged or wiry hairs that need snipping? A good tip is to comb your beard the wrong way up and out, and then lightly comb it back. Any hairs that stick up out of place can be lightly snipped away.

Repeat this process around once a week to see results and keep split ends and stiff, scraggly hairs at bay. It doesn’t take long and can be easily built into your grooming regime!

Shampoo your beard

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Keeping your beard clean is an important step for a soft beard. This is because shampoos remove dirt and build-up, add moisture and preserve the health of your facial hair. Be sure to use the best beard shampoo for a softer beard and remember to wash your beard every day.

Therefore try shampooing your beard as much as once a day, BUT make sure you are using a specialized shampoo,beard wash or beard soap that is specially designed for beards.

Why? Normal soaps and shampoos can have harsh chemicals that strip the beard of its moisture. These can leave your beard drier and scratchier than before. Choose a mild beard shampoo or beard wash that cleanses, doesn’t overdry and adds moisture.

If you suffer with beardruff, shampooing can be a vital prevention step. Beardruff can either be produced by dry skin or a fungal infection. The right shampoo can help to remove any unfriendly bacteria or pollutants keeping your hair and skin healthy.

Healthy hair and skin lead to softer, shinier natural beard hairs. Lather and massage it right down to the skin for the best results. If you use beard styling products regularly, shampooing your beard is also an important step to remove buildup.

A conditioning beard wash product is also a great choice to cleanse and add moisture to your beard and skin. Alternatively, condition your beard separately, as per the following step.

Condition your beard

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If you have a very dry beard that feels scratchy and needs softening, you might consider adding the best beard conditioner into your facial hair care routine.

Just like the hair on your head, if you are having a beard wash on a regular basis then, you guessed it, you also need to condition it to keep your beard soft.

This is because shampoos can sometimes strip some of the natural beard oil from your hair and skin while cleaning them, and these need to be replenished. Conditioners also give damaged or unhealthy hair a much-needed moisture boost.

A beard conditioner is a beard wash-out product that you can apply to your beard after shampooing. Massage it into the hair and skin and then rinse it with water. Beard conditioner is packed with hydrating ingredients that really nourish and add moisture to your hair.

A good conditioner also offers double results by moisturizing the skin underneath. A beard conditioner is a great way to soften any beard type.

There are also leave-in conditioning products, like applying beard oil and balms, that we will discuss next, but a beard conditioner is a good additional way to lock in moisture. It is also a good alternative for people that prefer not to use leave-in products.

Apply beard butter

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A holy grail product for softening your beard, a beard butter is a deeply moisturizing, leave-in conditioning product for your facial hair. A beard butter can be used upto twice daily and is usually made with intensely hydrating and nourishing ingredients.

It has a creamy, whipped texture which doesn’t leave your beard feeling stiff or sticky. In fact some people prefer the feel of it to a beard oil. For best results, massage it deep into the beard hair and skin. Apply it after a beard wash,and say hello to super soft, conditioned beard hair. Make sure you are not washing your beard with hard water.

Make sure to choose a high-quality product, and the best beard butter the more natural ingredients the better. Look out for ingredients like Shea Butter or Almond Oil in your beard oil, naturally nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that promote healthy hair growth.

A beard butter can also be used for very light styling of the hair, great for keeping your beard neat, tidy and shiny with a natural look. However if you are after a more heavy-duty styling effect, check out a beard balm.

Discover beard oil

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Want to say goodbye to bristly kisses with your significant other? Use Beard oil as it is another great option for some major softening of your facial hair. Beard Oil can be used as an alternative to a beard butter or other products, or you could even alternate oils and butters on different days.

A beard oil is another intense moisturizing and hydrating product that penetrates the hair. It is a leave-in conditioning product so no need to rinse this out. Beard oils include many nourishing vitamins and minerals that soften your hair as well as promoting healthy growth and adding shine.

Check out products with hydrating ingredients like Jojoba Oil or Argan Oil. A beard oil can help your hairs become more flexible and easier to style too. A beard oil can be used as often as twice a day, a good idea if your facial hair is very dry and scratchy and in need of some tender loving care. Beard oils will surely make your beard soft.

A beard oil can always be preferred to soften your beard. You can either choose between a beard oil or a beard conditioner to soften your beard, but ensure that you apply the beard oil twice a day to soften your beard more quickly.

Beard oils should be preferred for beard growth. Beard oils not only stimulate hair growth but also help you grow a soft beard.

After washing and conditioning your beard, lightly towel dry and then massage and apply beard oil all over your beard and deep into the roots. You will notice quick results and soften your beard and ensure you buy the best beard oil.

Style with beard balm

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Dry, scratchy beard that is difficult to style? Or in general do you prefer products that allow you some more styling power? Try out a beard balm to treat your dry and scratchy beard

A beard balm is not as conditioning as a butter or oil, so it is important to deep condition with these once or twice a week, but a beard balm is a great option for anyone that needs some heavy-duty daily styling, with light conditioning effects.

A beard balm has a thick, waxy texture and usually comes in a tin. Beard balm often includes ingredients like beeswax which is great at holding your beard in place. Aim for balms with natural ingredients as these are less likely to dry out your beard than synthetic ones.

Some beard balms also include nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter. A beard balm can be used daily, and for best results use after showering and shampooing and conditioning your beard.

Simply take a small amount of the thick wax and rub it between your fingers until it turns to a liquid, oily consistency. Massage it evenly through your beard, shaping and styling as you go. Using it regularly will start to soften your beard, and keep it looking shiny and healthy.  beard  balms will make your beard shine.

Brush it out

Finally, an important step in your beard-care routine is to comb and brush. Beard hairs, particularly on long beards, can become knotty and tangled making them more easily damaged and rough.

Tangles can lead to split ends and so combing or brushing often can prevent this. Hair can grow in different directions and using a comb and styling product to keep them in check can help tame any wiry runaways and leave the surface of your beard feeling smoother.

Regularly brushing out your facial hair can make it look shinier and feel softer. It can also gently train your hair to grow in the right direction. There are many specially-designed brushes and combs for beards. When your beard is still quite short, it is best to use a bristle brush.

As well as gently untangling your hairs, a bristle brush helps to naturally moisturize your hair by distributing the natural essential oils throughout your beard, as well as removing dirt and excess oil.

A bristle brush can also help remove dead skin from your skin underneath and encourage blood flow and therefore healthy beard growth. Once your beard gets a bit longer, you can start using a comb.

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Combs are perfect for untangling beard hair and can be used in conjunction with a beard butter or balm to shape and neaten your look.


So there you have it, some simple and actionable tips to make your beard, not just softer, but will make your beard softer, healthier and shinier too.

From simply brushing more to choosing hydrating products and more. Put them into action today and see how your beard transforms from being dull, damaged and scratchy into a soft, luscious and shiny dream. Which tricks and techniques are you looking forward to trying out?

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