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Best Beard Balms: Reviews & Buying Guide

by  Kin Liu -  Last updated on February 8, 2022
Best Beard Balms

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You’re probably aware that beard balm is an essential part of every mans beard product arsenal.

There are many different products on the market and it can get overwhelming not knowing which ones are worth your money and which ones are not.

That’s where we aim to help. We tested 24 common beard balms that you’ll find when shopping online.

The results may surprise you. Read our full reviews about  beard balms to see which products we recommend. Our reviews are honest and there are some products that we don’t recommend too highly.

Quick Comparison

If you do not have enough time to read the complete article, here are our top picks

24 Best Beard Balms (2021 Update)

1. 4 Beard Balm Variety Pack by Viking Revolution

Viking Revolution 4 Beard Balm Variety Pack (1oz Each)- Sandalwood, Pine & Cedar, Bay Rum, Clary Sage- Styles, Strengthens & Softens Beards & Mustaches - Leave in Conditioner Wax for Men
  • Tame Your Beard: Restore, mold and shape your beard with our high quality beard balm treatment. Even the burliest of beards can be smoothed, straightened and controlled.
  • No Itching Or Scratching: Get rid of the dreaded beardruff! Massage a pea sized amount of beard balm into your skin at the roots of your beard to prevent flaking all day long!
  • Sandalwood, Pine & Cedar, Bay Rum, Clary Sage Scent: Our beard balm treatment has a fresh and clean Sandalwood, Pine & Cedar, Bay Rum, Clary Sage fragrance which leaves your beard or mustache smelling as great as it feels, day after day.

Let’s start off with Viking Revolution’s variety pack. It contains four kind of woodsy scent: Sandalwood, Bay Rum, Clary Sage, and Pine & Cedar in sized amount.

Each one is based on mango butter, beeswax, and argan and jojoba oils.

The balms smooth and straighten curly hair and hydrate the skin. They also prevent beard dandruff and relieve itchiness. We consider this as one of the finest beard balms out there in the market.

2. Beard Balm by Rocky Mountain Barber

Beard Balm - Rocky Mountain Barber - 100% Natural - Premium Wax Blend with Cedarwood Scent, Nutrient Rich Bees Wax, Jojoba, Tea Tree, Coconut Oil
  • Cedarwood Scent - Our Cedarwood beard balm features real cedarwood essential oil for its signature cedarwood scent.
  • Convenient 2 oz tin - Our Cedarwood beard balm comes to you in a rugged 2 oz tin and fits anywhere for on the go grooming.
  • Simple Ingredients - Our Cedarwood beard balm features simple ingredients so you can feel good about what you’re using on your beard.

Rocky Mountain Barber enriches their balm with minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids to nourish your skin and hair alike. It works no matter how long your beard is.

The formula stops any flaking and itching and calms irritation. That’s good news when you’re trying to grow your beard, and it’s driving you crazy.

The balm has an enjoyable cedarwood fragrance that comes from essential oil and natural ingredients. It’s also likely to clear up acne as it contains tea tree, rosemary, and grape seed oil.

3. Smooth Viking Beard Balm with Leave-in Conditioner

No products found.

Smooth Viking’s balm is so lightweight that you might forget you already applied it. But it has a tendency to stimulate beard growth. It also makes beards much more manageable and is one of the finest beard balm out there.

The secret ingredient is pumpkin seed. It is clinically proven to reverse hair loss. Men who participated in a study had more hair regrowth after using on their scalps for a few weeks.

The label also lists beeswax, safflower and sweet almond oils, shea butter and more.

4. Honest Amish Beard Balm

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner - Made with only Natural and Organic Ingredients - 2 Ounce Tin
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Softens Coarse and Rogue Hairs
  • Stops the Itch and Eliminates Beardruff

There are two versions of the Honest Amish Beard Balm. The lightweight version is like a leave-in conditioner that you apply to damp whiskers.

One of the main selling points of this product is that it’s all-natural. There are no preservatives, artificial fragrances, or dyes. It’s also packaged in a recyclable metal tin is most of them feel this is the best beard balm that you can buy.

The main components are plant oils and nut butter. For example, it contains pumpkin seed, avocado, and argan oil plus cocoa and shea butter.

There’s no harm in trying it as they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

5. Honest Amish Heavy Duty Beard Balm

Honest Amish Heavy Duty Beard Balm -New Large 4 Ounce Twist Tin
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Reduces Breakage and Helps Increase Beard Length
  • All Natural and Organic Ingredients

The other Honest Amish balm is a heavy-duty formula that comes in a large aluminum container. It’s made for softening and managing coarse beards and we also feel that this is one of the best beard balms.

Again, it’s free of artificial ingredients and based on natural ingredients and essential oils and butters.

Massage it into your skin and facial hair, then comb or brush as usual.

6. Uppercut Deluxe Control, Shine Beard Balm (Best for Hold)

Uppercut Deluxe Conditioning Beard Balm for Control & Natural Shine, 3.38 fl.oz., White
  • Nourishes beard hair for optimal growth
  • The uppercut deluxe beard balm will keep your beard shaped and controlled, reducing those annoying flyway's while keeping your dapper
  • It helps keep beard in shape, tames fly always

The Uppercut Deluxe balm provides hold for styling medium to long beards. Although it makes the hair look lustrous, it won’t feel greasy. This is one of the best beard balms that you could get your hands on.

Unlike most balms, apply this product to a dry beard. Start at the jawline and work your way downward.

7. Beard Bolt XL | Caffeine Hair Growth Stimulating Beard Balm

Delta Genesis Beard Bolt XL | Styling and Conditioning Hair Product for Men | Mustache and Beard Balm | Leave-in Conditioner with Jojoba and Argan Oil | Stimulates Growth for Maximum Volume
  • KEEP YOUR BEARD LOOKING GREAT: Maintain the suave majesty of your mustache and beard! Delta Genesis Beard Bolt XL is a premium hair care product that simultaneously stimulates and styles your facial hair.
  • MESS-FREE STYLING: You can use our leave-in conditioner to nourish and soften your hair without leaving a mess. It helps minimize itch and keeps your beard looking its Sunday best
  • FORMULATED WITH CAFFEINE: Beard Bolt XL uses a proprietary caffeine-infused formula that gives you the boost your facial hair needs. It helps stimulate growth and volume so you can enjoy a fuller beard.

You know you want to have an epic beard. That’s where the Beard Bolt XL balm comes in handy.

The formula is packed with caffeine to wake up hair follicles. It also has and natural oils like sweet almond oil, tea tree oil and maracuja oil plus vitamin E to boost growth.

Happily, these ingredients are all skin-friendly, too. And there are no GMOs, parabens, or artificial fragrances.

8. Balmy Beards Premium Best Beard Balm for Men

How about a balm that smells like citrus musk? When you scoop a dab from the tin, it feels like butter, but it melts into the hair and skin in seconds.

It’s based on grape seed oil, tea tree oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. But it has one unique element that we rarely see in balms.

The addition of frankincense oil doesn’t just make it smell pleasant, it also helps your skin to heal if you’ve been dealing with ingrown hairs or acne.

9. Spartans Den Premium Beard Balm

No products found.

The buttery Spartans Den balm has a manly scent. With regular use, it will turn your beard silky soft. If you want the best beard care product, this beard balm is perfect. Use beard balm and apply beard balm on a daily basis to see results, it goes a long way.

Are you reluctant to switch brands? Fortunately, this company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

10. GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Cigar Blend Beard Balm

Grave Before Shave™ Cigar Blend Beard Balm (Cigar/Vanilla scent) (2 oz.)
  • Tin of Beard balm
  • Only the finest oils and butters that are used in all G.B.S. products.
  • Helps to tame your beard

You’ve babied your beard up till now the best you can. Now you can rely on the expertise of Grave Before Shave to keep it in top condition.

Their balm is available in a variety of aromas like Cigar Vanilla and Bay Rum. Use it little by little and you can it goes a long way.

It deep-conditions with coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe vera. But it also tames unruly whiskers with beeswax. It contains ingredients like apricot kernel, aloe vera, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E. This will make sure that every man can have a natural beard and a long beard.

11. Hoot’s Naturals Best Beard Balm

HOOT'S NATURALS Bearded Owl Beard Balm for Men, Extra Large 4oz Beard Butter & Cream, Leave In Beard Softener, Conditioner, Moisturizer and Tamer - Best Beard Care Products for Dandruff
  • BIGGER PACKAGE- We bring you a surprise with this MASSIVE 4oz screw top jar. The standard beard balm is 2oz.
  • EARTHY HERBALS – We’ve created this great all natural and organic beard and mustache balm! New Look, same great formula.
  • REMOVES THE DREADED ITCH – Jojoba Oil and Rosemary Extract join the game to keep dandruff at bay.

While most beard balms come in 2-ounce containers, this one has 3.5 ounces. It’s perfect if you are tired of itchy, flaky skin. It will keep your beard dandruff free with rosemary and jojoba oil and shea butter as this will reduce your beard itch. This is one of the best men’s grooming product.

It also has an unusual ingredients like Murumuru butter that comes from Brazilian palm trees. It’s a moisturizer that’s rich in oleic acids and vitamins.

12. Zeus Conditioning Beard Balm for Men

ZEUS Beard Balm, Natural Beeswax & Shea Butter Balm, Softening Conditioner for Facial Hair – MADE IN USA (Vanilla Rum) 2 oz.
  • BEARD BALM: Formulated with Beeswax and Candelilla Wax, our beard balm provides the strength needed to tame those stubborn straggling hairs on your face while keeping a natural look. Using natural ingredients like Sunflower and Jojoba Oils, the balm helps with moisturizing and protecting your beard hairs while keeping an irritation-free skin. It’s a great for daily usage due to the non-clogging oils that protect the skin from free radicals and will leave you without the dreaded beard itch.
  • MADE IN USA: Zeus is based in California and most of our formulated items were created in house and filled in the USA. Our team strives to provide the best personal care products through countless hours of research and development and bring forth new and cool products. Unlike others in the market, we take pride in our products from start to finish and always listen to our base to update or even come up with new goods.
  • TARGETED INGREDIENTS: Our Beard Balm focuses on certain beard growth issues common for the common person. We use ingredients like Sunflower Seed to promote healthier growth for stronger facial hairs. Beeswax provides you with a light hold while forming a protective layer over you skin and hair. To moisturize, the Shea Butter helps heal the skin and leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

The Zeus Conditioning Balm is a beard softener. It makes beard shinier and easier to style.

At the same time, it soothes inflammation and moisturizes the skin.

The fragrance has a woodsy undertone with notes of creamy vanilla.

13. The Gentlemen’s Premium Beard Balm – Fragrance-Free

If you have sensitive skin, The Gentlemen’s Premium Beard Balm was made for you. It’s also convenient if you want a balm that doesn’t clash with your cologne.

It lacks artificial fragrances, parabens, and GMOs. It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The product is handcrafted in the USA. To achieve maximum softness, shine, and style ability, use the balm after other products.

14. Detroit Grooming Co. 4oz Mango Lime Beard Butter

Detroit Grooming Co. makes one of the largest balms on the market. The 4-ounce container is filled with delicious fruit-scented beard butter that tames frizz and stray hair. It smells so good you might be tempted to eat it.

Some of the highlights include sweet almond and sunflower seed oils, shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax.

15. Billy Jealousy Hydrating Beard Balm

Billy Jealousy Beard Balm with Light Hold & Low Shine, Everyday Beard Styling Balm Loaded With Coconut, Shea & Sunflower Oils For Smooth & Nourished Beard & Skin, Gnarly Sheen, 2 Oz
  • HYDRATING - Keep your mane looking healthy with this beard moisturizer for men loaded with natural ingredients such as coconut, sunflower, and castor seed oils to soften and moisturize your beard
  • TAME UNRULY MANE - Tame even the unruliest of beards with this beard softener that provides a light hold for daily use; The matte finish of our mens beard balm gives you a sleek “no product” look
  • PREVENTS ITCH & DAMAGE - Our beard balm for men effectively nourishes your beard and skin to help ward off itch and repair damaged hair for any length of beard, even stubble; Plus, it smells delicious

Billy Jealousy’s balm is formulated for sensitive skin. Use it between one and three times a day. It leaves a woodsy fragrance behind.

While plant oils penetrate into your skin and beard, beeswax and shea/ cocoa butter simplify styling.

Moreover, this product creates a “gnarly sheen” that will get your beard noticed.

16. Badger Beard Balm

Badger - Beard Balm, Leave-In Beard Conditioner, Organic Beard Balm, Beard Styling Balm, Non-Greasy Beard Moisturizer, Facial Hair Balm, Beard Treatment, Mustache Balm, 2 oz
  • ORGANIC BEARD BALM IN A METAL TIN - Style and condition your beard, seal in moisture, and keep stray hairs in check. Your beard will look healthier and feel softer. Beard Balm is thicker than beard oil, but not as thick as a beard wax
  • JOJOBA, BABASSU, BAOBAB OILS penetrate facial hair deeply and moisturize with no greasy after feel. Baobab is rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, and essential fatty acids. Beeswax seals in moisture while providing styling hold. Bergamot, Black Pepper and Vanilla are blended with other organic extracts providing a light masculine scent for adventurous gents.
  • BEARD CONDITIONER AND STYLING AID IN ONE - Apply daily to style, nourish, condition, and keep your beard healthy and strong. Once your beard reaches the desirable length, beard balm is a daily, leave-in conditioner that works wonders as a moisturizer and styling aid to tame any rogue hairs, leaving your beard looking shiny and healthy.

Badger’s balm works best when you apply it to a damp beard. It seals in moisture and makes each hair look and feel thicker and stronger.

If you’re not familiar with Badger’s products, they avoid artificial ingredients and use organic ingredients only. They prefer to use natural components like nutrient-rich baobab and essential oils. To illustrate, a glance at the label reveals vetiver, sandalwood, bergamot, and black pepper.

17. ArtNaturals Mustache and Beard Balm-Wax

No products found.

ArtNaturals turns grooming into a pleasure instead of a chore. Their Balm/Wax is perfect for customizing your beard and mustache without making them stiff or sticky.

This product helps you style while it moisturizes and softens the skin and Beard. It provides a light hold and also repairs and prevents split ends.

Instead of parabens and chemicals, the formula features argan oil, jojoba oil, and mango butter.

18. Reuzel Beard Balm

Reuzel Beard Balm, Deep Wood Scented, 1.3 oz
  • Helps seal in moisture and protect the hair
  • softens coarse and rogue hairs
  • promotes itch free beard growth

If you want extreme hold for styling, you need to try Reuzel’s balm. Fortunately, it’s water-soluble so you can wash it out at the end of the day if you like.

Furthermore, it doesn’t add any shine. But it does contain argan oil and shea butter to protect against brittleness and dry skin.

Based on the list of ingredients, we suspect that the balm promotes beard growth, too. That’s because it has both horsetail and nettle extract.

Unfortunately, this is not a vegan product as it has lanolin.

19. Bossman Relaxing Beard Balm

Bossman Relaxing Beard Balm - Beard Tamer, Relaxer, Thickener and Softener Cream - Beard Care Product - Made in USA (Magic Scent)
  • Beard Balm to Nourish, Thicken, Strengthen Hair: You'll be the guy with the thickest beard in town with our Bossman Relaxing Beard Balm. Black beard and scruff softener features a host of natural ingredients such as Mango and Shea Butter that hydrate and retain moisture in the hair follicles and pores to keep your beard healthy and help it grow thicker and fuller
  • Effective Beard Wax and Tamer: Our mens beard softener is the ultimate beard care product for beard grooming. Beard balm for black men keeps your beard moisturized and frizz-free while making it soft and manageable. Feels like a silky beard butter as it glides gently through your hair follicles, taming any rogue "fly aways"
  • Does Away with Brittleness and Scratchiness: Say goodbye to that dry, dull, scratchy beard once and for all. We formulated our beard wax with premium, natural minerals and oils that retain key hydrating agents, keeping your beard from drying out throughout the day. Your beard will grow better, thicker, and feel silky smooth

Bossman’s Relaxing Balm is available in multiple woodsy scents. This one is their original fragrance, which is a blend of sandalwood, vanilla, bergamot, patchouli, and frankincense.

This beard butter turns facial hair silky smooth and touchable. It keeps the skin well-hydrated with mango and shea butter. In turn, this keeps your follicles clear for optimal beard growth.

20. Bulldog Skincare and Grooming For Men Original Beard Balm

Bulldog Mens Skincare and Grooming, Original Balm Fl. Oz, Beard Care, 2.5 Ounce
  • not all beards are created equal: bulldog knows you take pride in your beard, so whether it’s course or straggly, bulldog beard products cover the full range of beard grooming; from cleaning and conditioning, to moisturizing and taming
  • ingredients: bulldog original beard balm is specially formulated to soften and tame the beard; our original line contains brilliant natural ingredients; our beard balm contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea; we combine these with carefully selected man made ingredients for exceptional performance
  • simple and effective: our original line works simply and effectively to deal with the specific issues men face. bulldog original beard balm uses ingredients designed to provide moisturizing and softening properties to help manage even the straggliest beard

Bulldog’s Original Beard Balm provides superior conditioning and shine with aloe, apricot kernel, chamomile oil, and green tea. They suggest combing it through your beard to distribute it evenly.

The vegan formula has no artificial dyes or fragrances. One thing is that this will help you avoid any kind of unruly beard hair.

21. Magic Beard Balm by Mountaineer Brand

Mountaineer Brand Beard Balm for Men | All Natural Leave-In Conditioner to Moisturize Dry Itchy Skin | Beard Butter Hydrates, Softens Hair | Adds Shine | Appalachia (Citrus & Spice) Scent 2oz
  • FOR A BEARD THAT'S REVERED: Mountaineer's premium conditioning beard balm is ideal for keeping short, medium, and long beards soft, groomed, and manageable. Our beard balm for men is perfect for those who want to care for their beards while looking their best!
  • CONDITION AND REPAIR DAMAGED HAIR: Moisturize the skin under your beard and help reduce an itchy beard with our beard cream for men. Our beard care products are handcrafted with a powerful blend of beeswax, butters, and essential oils to condition, maintain, and repair dry and damaged beard hair. Our beard hair softener liquefies quickly and absorbs easily into your beard!
  • HOW TO USE: Give your beard a look and feel it deserves with our beard balm conditioner. Remove the desired amount of product with your thumbnail and liquify it in your palms. Work it into your beard hairs, making sure to get all the way to the ends. This scented conditioning beard balm will soften your beard and keep it looking healthy.

Mountaineer Brand’s Magic Beard Balm has a pretty straightforward composition except for one unique component. This will give your unruly beard a nice shape and look.

Alongside grape seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and so forth, it has clove oil. Clove is antibacterial and has anti-aging properties. It clears up acne and firms the skin and promotes hair growth.

But if you’re not a fan of clove’s aroma, don’t worry. The balm has a woodsy fragrance with hints of fir, cedarwood, and eucalyptus. This is one of the badass beard care product out there.

22. Cremo Styling Beard Balm, Forest Blend

Cremo Styling Beard Balm, Forest Blend, Nourishes, Shapes And Moisturizes All Lengths Of Facial Hair, 2 Ounce (Packaging May Vary)
  • Styles, shapes and tames beards that have grown past the scruff stage
  • Designed with blend of beeswax, shea butter and essential oils
  • Just a small dab locks in moisture and keeps beard looking shiny and healthy

Cremo’s balm has a soft texture with medium hold. You only need a small amount to moisturize and detangle your beard.

It even makes scruff and stubble softer and shinier.

If you don’t love the Forest Blend fragrance, try the Mint scent.

23. Old Spice, Beard Balm for Men (Best for Black Men)

Old Spice, Beard Balm for Men, 2.22 fl oz
  • Old Spice beard balm for men is a fancy word for beard-taming goop that smells good
  • Get everyday results by applying beard balm every day
  • Makes your beard more sculpted than a really good metaphor for something that's sculpted really well

Old Spice puts petrolatum in their beard balm. As a result, many beard experts would tell you to avoid it like the plague. This is easy to apply for longer beards as well.

There are two problems with petrolatum. One is that it sits on the surface instead of absorbing and moisturizing. It may trap bacteria while the residue attracts dirt.

On the other hand, it can provide a protective barrier to seal in moisture.

Next, unless the petrolatum is highly refined, it may be contaminated with carcinogens .

But these aren’t the only problems we found with this balm.

It also contains an artificial fragrance, parabens, and mineral oil.

The only positive thing we have to say is that it does have significant sculpting power which makes it good for black men with very coarse beards.

What Is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a pomade for your facial hair.

It aids with shaping and styling, plus it acts as a leave-in conditioner.

Using balm can make your beard look thicker and feel softer. Some people may also have personal preference when it comes to balms and the ingredients they use.

The ones that contain shea butter are very good at moisturizing and adding volume. Plus, shea butter is kind to the skin.

If you choose only one beard grooming product, we would recommend beard balm.

What Is Beard Oil Compared to Beard Balm?

Generally, beard balm has a thick texture that melts in your hands.

But beard oil is a liquid that’s often based on natural ingredients like argan and jojoba oils.

The beard oil moisturizes your face and your facial hair. It softens whiskers but doesn’t help with styling as much as beard balm does.

Other Benefits of Beard Balm

Balms offer other benefits besides the basics.

Some provide excellent control for styling both your mustache and beard.

Most add shine to make facial hair look healthier.

And many give your beard an appealing aroma.

Also Read: Beginners Guide to Softening a Beard


Beard balm is essential for conditioning and styling your beard.

Out of the wide variety of brands available, some offer exclusive benefits like extra hold or extra shine.

Meanwhile, all balms moisturize both Beard and skin to keep your face and neck comfortable.

If you’ve discovered a balm that meets your needs, let us know in the comments below.


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