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Best Beard Care Kits for Easy Grooming, Trimming & Maintenance

by  Kin Liu -  Last updated on September 8, 2021
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How can you get your facial hair to grow longer? Trying to grow a beard for a long time?

What’s the best way to groom your facial hair?

The answers are simple yet complex at the same time. A beard kit is an easy way to keep your beard looking and feeling great

If you choose one of the finest beard care kits and stick with the program then things will be much easier. The hard part is finding one that’s worth the money as a lot of stuff on the market is poor quality.

That’s where we come in. We tested over 20 beard grooming kits for you, so you don’t have to.

Check out the reviews below to see which kits make it easy for beard maintenance and beard growth.

Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks

24 Best Beard Kits for Grooming, Trimming & Maintenance (2021 Update)

1. Jack Black – Beard Grooming Kit

Jack Black’s travel-size beard grooming kit is an excellent introduction to what they offer.

It’s a multi-step routine to keep your beard healthy and attractive.

First, there’s the beard wash. It’s free of drying sulfates.

It’s a beard shampoo and conditioner made from wild berry for your facial hair that cleanses your skin, too.

Next, there’s Beard Lube. It’s a pre-shave oil, shave cream, and aftershave all-in-one.

Finally, there’s beard oil that has everything you need,  It’s rich in certified essential oils and vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin e is best to condition your skin and facial hair, and is one of the finest beard care kit out there.

Jack Black is a well-respected brand manufactured in the USA. They make sure that most of their products are vegan and approved for sensitive skin. We consider this to be one of the best beard grooming kits out there.

2. Cremo Beard Starter Set for Big Best Beards

Cremo’s Bd grooming kit has everything you need, it includes beard oil,  shears, a comb, balm and a brush.

They point out that everything is “Barber Grade.” These are professional products.

For example, the comb is real sandalwood. It won’t cause static electricity and easily avoids snags.

Next, the bristle beard brush is ideal for spreading the beard oil throughout the whole length of the hair.

The shears are precision grooming scissors for trimming stray hairs, sideburns, and your mustache.

And the oil and balm feature Cremo’s woody Reserve Blend scent. They seal in moisture and add shine. We feel this is one of the finest beard grooming kits out there.

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3. Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit by Mountaineer Brand

Mountaineer Brand handcrafts its products in West Virginia.

This beard grooming kit includes a travel bag with a brush which is a military-style brush , comb, beard wash, balm, and oil.

What’s the difference between oil and balm? Well, it depends on the manufacturer.

But in general, the balm is thicker and waxier and good for styling. In this case, it also helps repair damaged whiskers.

Both the balm and the oil in this kit have the Timber which gives you a scented beard and they look great. These kits come in a sophisticated burlap bag.

The beard shampoo, meanwhile, is based on liquid Castile beard soap that won’t dry out the hair. Looking for a good beard grooming kit? This is the one you need to buy.

Then, use the comb to detangle after you wash.

4. Maison Lambert Black Edition Ultimate Beard Kit

In our experience, the ultimate beard grooming kit is this one from Maison Lambert, which is nicely packed in a cigar box and is a great starter kit for your beard.

The Maison lambert is not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s also complete.

It has organic beard soap, mustache wax and oil, balm, black stainless steel scissors, a black stainless steel comb, and a black boar bristle brush. These ingredients will make your beard look shinier and also keep your beard looking and feeling great.

Everything fits inside the vegan leather toiletry bag. According to us this also is one of the best beard grooming kits out there

There are no artificial fragrances or harmful chemicals.

5. Viking Revolution Travel Kit

Viking Revolution is not one of those fragrance free kits it offers a variety of fragrances and kits.

This beard grooming kit has a compact brush and comb, a travel bag, and a sandalwood-scented beard product.

The grooming products include balm, wash, and oil.

All the liquids are in two-ounce containers to allow them in carry-on baggage.

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

6. Viking Revolution Beard Grooming Kit for Men

The larger beard grooming kit from Viking Revolution comes in a metal tin that holds all the components. These also come in full sized bottles.

There are scissors, styling balm, unscented oil, boars’ hairbrush, and a double-sided pocket comb.

When you trim your beard, always do it when the facial hair is dry. That allows you to have an accurate picture of how it will look.

7. Honest Amish Beard Kit

It’s hard to resist the Honest Amish kit.

The products are hand-made in Pennsylvania from natural ingredients.

There’s oil, wax, balm, and a comb.

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The essential oils are made with organic products argan and jojoba oils, which is of great quality. It has a soft scent of licorice, clove, and cedarwood, just like the other products.

Next, the wax tames your mustache and styles your beard.

It consists of certified organic beeswax and fruit and nut butter.

What’s more, the beard balm is a crossover between the wax and the oil. The consistency of this beard balm is less stiff than the wax and thicker than the oil, which makes it handy for taming curly beards.

It contains argan, avocado, almond, pumpkin seed oil, and apricot kernel oils. But it also has essetial oil, aloe vera, cocoa, shea, and cocoa butter.

8. Proraso Wood and Spice Beard Kit

Proraso beard grooming kit is a popular Italian company that’s been around since the mid-twentieth century.

Their kit includes a collectible tin with beard wash, balm, and oil. All three smell like spice and sandalwood.

The oil is convenient when you have a longer beard. In the meantime, soften your scruff with the balm.

9. Grave Before Shave™ Beard Care Pack (Bay Rum Blend)

We’ve always thought that the name Grave Before Shave was amusing. But really, when you spent this long growing a beard, that’s pretty much how it is.

This set includes a beard wash with argan oil to repair damaged beard hair. Don’t worry if you get it on your head as it’s very nourishing. You might decide to switch shampoos after all.

There’s also full sized bottles of conditioning oil to prevent flaking and itching. Use the boars’ hairbrush to work the oil through your beard.

If you want to shape your mustache or have better control over your beard, use the balm. It doubles as a deep conditioner beard oil.

As for the fragrance, it is not fragrance free, all three smell like bay rum with coconut.

10. Bossman Essentials Beard grooming Kit

If you trying to grow a beard, Bossman’s kit has something unusual in it.

It comes with Jelly Beard Oil. Instead of plain oil, it has a more viscous texture. The thicker oil bonds better with your skin and hair.

Then there’s an Intense Beard Conditioner Cream. Use it twice a week after you wash your beard. The carbon powder-coated zinc comb makes it easier to work it through the hair.

Once you finish, the Relaxing Beard Balm will give your beard a thick look. And the MUDstache wax provides all-day control.

Everything has the Magic Scent, which is a blend of vanilla and sandalwood plus patchouli, frankincense, and bergamot.

11. Zeus Ultimate Beard  Kit Gift Set

The Zeus deluxe beard grooming kit comes with high quality beard shampoo, beard conditioner, oil, beard balm. There’s also a pair of stainless steel grooming scissors, a pocket brush, a palm brush, a wide-tooth beard comb, and a mustache comb.

Fans of these beard care products appreciate that they’re made with organic ingredients, which is perfect for a great beard.

To illustrate, the shampoo conditioner contain Dragon’s blood, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and marigold. They moisturize the skin and hair to keep it in top shape.

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll like the organic beard oils. It’s a blend of safflower, grapeseed, and argan oils.

The balm, on the other hand, is rich in natural waxes and plant butter for superior control. It has beeswax, candelilla, and jojoba, as well as shea butter and avocado oil.

But the grooming tools are also attractive. This kit comes in a burlap bag instead of a box.

None of the other kits have a natural horn comb and brush for the beard. And few kits have mustache combs that are designed for managing that part of your facial hair.

Also, professional-grade scissors are handmade in Germany. They have a rubber stopper and come with a leather pouch. They also come in 3 different types of scents that you can choose from:

  • Verbena lime
  • Vanilla rum
  • Sandalwood

12. Wahl Beard Oil, Wash & Softener Combo Kit

The kit from Wahl has products with a mild fresh scent.

There’s a high quality beard wash, oil, and softener. The softener is pure essential while you’re growing out a new beard as it alleviates itchiness and dryness.

The key ingredients are clove, moringa, Manuka, and meadowfoam seed oils. This can also be a perfect gift for all the beard lovers.

We’re pleased that this company includes beard care products alongside their famed hair clippers. To see more of their grooming tools, look at the reviews of the best beard trimming kits.

13. Beard Gains Valhalla Every Day Carry Beard grooming Kit

Look closely at this kit, and you’ll see that it has a brass knuckles mustache comb. The comb is pocket-sized.

In fact, everything in this kit might be made to fit into a pocket  and is a perfect pocket-sized grooming set.

These beard oils smells like Valhalla – or what we might imagine fragrances the feasting hall of slain warriors. It’s a blend of cedar, orange, honey, and mint.

Next, the beard balm features free-range goat milk from Alabama.

In conclusion, there is a full-size rosewood comb for your beard.

14. Naturenics Premium Beard Grooming Kit

Naturenics offers unscented grooming products. That’s good news if you don’t want anything to clash with your cologne.

This six-piece set includes beard oil,,a brush, balm, Japanese steel scissors, a comb, and a bamboo gift box with magnetic closure.

You can also take advantage of the free PDF about beard grooming.

15. Rapid Beard Beard Grooming Set & Trimming Kit

Rapid Beard provides unscented beard balm and beard oil. They’re based on natural ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil.

But that’s not all there is in this Rapid beard kit.

It also comes with barber scissors, a calm, and a boar bristle brush.

16. Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit

If you tend to have dry or extra curly hair, check out the Shea Moisture Beard Kit.

Not only will it condition your beard, but it prevents tangles and takes good care of your face, too.

The four-piece set has beard wash, oil, , detangler and balm.

You might like it so much you end up using it on your head!

Everything uses natural ingredients, and nothing has sulfates, parabens, or animal derivatives.

The highlights include maracuja oil, shea butter, and vitamin E and A. They will keep your beard shiny and soft and your skin healthy.

17. Dovich 12-in-1 Beard Grooming Care Kit

The Dovich kit includes more than the average guy will ever use.

It has a folding straight razor, scissors, double-sided wooden beard comb, a beard brush, organic beard wash, oil, wax, and balm, a shaving bib, and an e-book to explain how to use it all.

The shaving bib is handy as it catches hair when you trim. Then you don’t waste time cleaning the sink.

18. Isner Mile Beard Grooming Kit

This beard grooming kit offers a lot of value for the money. If you’re on a budget, it’s worth a second look.

It comes with a beard brush, beard comb, and scissors, plus beard wash, oil,  a downloadable e-book and balm

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

19. Fulllight Tech Beard Kit

Here’s another popular grooming kit. It includes a boar brush, comb, scissors, wash, oil,  a shaping tool,balm, and a storage bag.

We weren’t able to get a list of ingredients, but based on the reviews, the products are keeping a lot of men happy.

20. Wizard Beard Grooming Care Kit

It makes us think of Gandalf when we see this kit.

It’s simple, but has the necessary components.

Alongside the double-sided sandalwood beard comb and bristle brush, it has natural beard oil made from tea tree and wax.

The company offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not pleased with the products.

21. XIKEZAN Beard Grooming Kit

If you’d like your beard look longer, straighten it.

Here’s comprehensive kit with a heated comb, beard oil and balm.

It’s compact enough to travel with you.

Plus, the styling brush is designed to avoid scolding your skin. Even if you’re not an expert at using tools like this one, it doesn’t take long to figure out.

22. BEARDCLASS Beard Mustache Scissors Kit Set for Men

Perhaps the best beard trimmer for long beards is this scissors kit.

It has five-inch professional scissors, smaller mustache scissors, a pocket comb, and a master barber comb.

The smaller scissors are compliant with TSA rules.

Plus, everything stores in the included leather pouch.

23. Remington HC5850 Virtually Indestructible Haircut Kit & Beard Trimmer

If you’d rather spend a little less money and have more options, check out this Remington fifteen-peace trimmer kit.

It’s probably the best corded beard trimmer.

The precision blades quickly cut through coarse hair with no problem. Even better, they don’t yank hairs.

The set comes with several different sizes of guide comb for the trimmer, barber scissors, oil, and a cleaning boar bristles brush.

Everything fits into the polycarbonate carrying case with a rubber handle.

24. Braun MGK3060 8-in-1 All-in-One Beard Trimmer

The best beard trimmer for stubble on your cheeks and neck is made by Braun.

It’s an all-in-one clipper and precision trimmer set for your whole body. Yes, you can even trim your ears and nose.

It’s fully washable under running water which makes it a snap to clean.

The set includes a Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor.

The only downside is the runtime – it goes for sixty minutes, but then takes eight hours to recharge. But at this price, it’s a steal.

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What’s necessary to care for a beard?

At a minimum, you need to wash, oil, and brush your beard to keep your beard healthy.

You won’t need to shape it until it’s at least an inch long.

Keeping it clean and conditioned prevents beard itch, dandruff, and breakage.

Trimming it keeps it tidy and gets rid of split ends.

How to choose the right beard care kit for your needs

Some beard grooming kits are all-inclusive. They have products to wash and condition as well as tools to groom.

Others target specific needs.

As you browse the reviews, you’ll see the best features of each one below.

Think about whether you want scented or unscented products.

Also, consider which tools would be most useful for you.


Your beard is one of the first things people notice about you.

Take pride in it.

Get a beard grooming kit to keep it well-groomed and healthy.

If you have a favorite brand of beard grooming products, tell us about them in the comments below.


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