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Best Lotions for Old Tattoos (Make Older Tattoos Vibrant)

by  Kin Liu -  Last updated on March 21, 2022
Best Lotions for Old Tattoos

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How do you keep your old tattoos looking new?

Just use one of the best lotions for old tattoos.

You’ll be surprised at how simply moisturizing lotion makes a noticeable difference.

It’s not complicated.

Ok, we lied… It’s a bit more complicated than that because the lotion that you use specifically for old tattoos might be a bit different than you think.

Also with so many different products on the market how are you supposed to choose one that actually works? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just pick from our reviews down below to get a quality product.

Quick Comparison

If you don’t want to read the full article then check out our favorite products for the best tattoo lotions for the old tattoos in the table below.


What Makes Tattoos Fade?

There are three reasons why tattoos fade over time.

First, if your skin is dry, it’s like looking at a picture through a hazy window.

Second, sunlight damages the pigment.

And third, the tattoo may spread as your skin ages. Your body will be continually trying to break down the pigment.


How Does Lotion Make Tattoos Vibrant?

If you moisturize old tattoos, you’ll notice they look brighter.

But it’s not just the hydration.

Most lotions have natural ingredients that rejuvenate dry, tired skin.

When your skin is healthy, your tattoo will appear sharper and clearer.


What Else Helps Revive Old Tattoos?

If you exfoliate regularly (after your tattoo is fully healed), you’ll discover that it helps revive older tattoos.

You don’t need to worry about scrubbing off your tattoo because it lives in the dermis layer. That’s the level underneath the outer layer of your skin.

Exfoliating only removes the top, dead layer of cells. This is like cleaning the haze from the window so you can view the tattoo more clearly.

Therefore, use a loofah in the shower a couple of times a week. Or you can use an exfoliating lotion, too.


The Bad News Is That Moisturizing Won’t Fix Everything

At some point in the years to come, you may notice that your tattoo looks a little blurry and dull.

This is normal.

Exfoliating and moisturizing will keep your skin in top shape for a long time. Wearing sunscreen is crucial as well.

But if you are unhappy with the way it looks, you have options.

You don’t have to remove it. Instead, talk to a tattoo artist about re-working it or incorporating the old art into a new design.


Which Type of Tattoos Lasts the Longest?

Any tattoo will wear well if you take good care of your skin.

Those on the flat areas of your body that experience less friction will stay looking sharper for longer. For example, ink on the flat of your forearm, your upper arms and shoulders, and your back will usually last longer.

Also, grayscale art and black ink in bold designs stand up to the sunlight and aging better than colored ink and fine detail.

Now let’s discover the top lotions for old tattoos. We’ll begin with products that exfoliate dead cells to reveal fresh, soft skin.


25 Best Lotions for Old Tattoos (2021 Update)

1. CeraVe SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin

CeraVe SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin | Vitamin D, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid & Salicylic Acid Lotion | Fragrance Free & Allergy Tested | 8 Ounce
  • [ CERAVE MOISTURIZING LOTION WITH SALICYLIC ACID ] Body moisturizer that gently exfoliates dry, scaly, or rough and bumpy skin on legs and upper arms. Lightweight, non-greasy feel that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • [ EXFOLIATE & MOISTURIZE ] Salicylic Acid & Lactic Acid to help exfoliate, Hyaluronic Acid to help retain skin's moisture, and Niacinamide to help calm skin. SA is a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), an exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and smooths skin.
  • [ GENTLE ON SKIN ] Suitable for body. Fragrance free, allergy-tested, and non-comedogenic. Can be paired with CeraVe Renewing Salicylic Acid Cleanser for Rough and Bumpy Skin to cleanse & exfoliate.

Here is the best tattoo lotion you can ever come across, CeraVe created their SA Lotion to treat keratosis pilaris and psoriasis. It has both salicylic and lactic acid, two excellent exfoliants.

It also contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides for intense moisturization and Vitamin E and D for the process of healing the tattoo.

Since it’s free of artificial fragrances and dyes and non-comedogenic, these tattoo lotions are kind of sensitive to skin and this is one of the best lotions for old tattoos.

2. Glytone Exfoliating Body Lotion with Glycolic Acid

Glytone uses a rich concentration of glycolic acid, another natural exfoliant.

Besides reviving dehydrated skin, the lotion can heal cracked elbows, knuckles, and heels.

To avoid irritation, don’t use this product on your face and don’t apply it right after hair removal. We consider this as one of the finest or rather one of the best lotions for old tattoos

3. Alpha Skin Care – Renewal Body Lotion, 12% Glycolic AHA

Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion Anti-Aging Formula for All Skin Types - Reduces the Appearance of Lines & Wrinkles white 12 Ounce (Pack of 1)
  • Anti-aging skin care: Our body lotion is formulated with the optimal balance of 12% Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and a pH level of 4.0; AHA encourages reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Radiant skin: Our anti-aging cream’s exfoliating formula gently lifts away dead skin cells so new, healthy skin can emerge; your skin will immediately feel smooth and fresh; over time, you will see a more radiant, even skin tone
  • Powerful ingredients: Paraben and fragrance-free; Alpha Skin Care uses essential, natural ingredients with clinically-proven results to reveal healthy, younger-looking skin

Alpha Skin Care also employs glycolic acid in a weaker concentration. Start here if you’re unfamiliar with exfoliating lotions.

The fragrance-free formula has a skin-friendly pH of 4.0. It’s acidic, just like your body, to prevent irritation.

Not only will it alleviate dryness, but it also boosts collagen production to firm up the skin. If you are looking for the best lotions for old tattoos, then this tops the list.

4. Gold Bond Ultimate Radiance Renewal

Gold Bond Radiance Renewal Hydrating Lotion 14 oz. for Visibly Dry Skin
  • INCLUDES: One (1) 14-oz. pump bottle of Gold Bond Radiance Renewal Hydrating Lotion for Visibly Dry Skin
  • TRIPLE INGREDIENT BLEND: African shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter nourish skin
  • TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA: This body lotion gently exfoliates, immediately hydrates and locks in moisture

Moving on from products that exfoliate, let’s look at a surprisingly inexpensive and effective option.

This lotion comes with cocoa butter, coconut oil, and shea butter. These three emollients rejuvenate ashy skin to make it baby soft, giving it a natural tattoo look.

As a result, your body will feel better, and your tattoo will look crisper. We feel this also to be one of the best lotions for old tattoos.

5. Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion with Macadamia Nut Oil and Promega-7, 16 Fl Oz Bottle- Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Non GMO, White
  • Contains 1- 16 ounce bottle of Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion with Macadamia Nut Oil and Dual Replacement Therapy for use as body lotion to replenish and moisturize
  • Adamia naturally mimics skin’s own oils allowing it to be absorbed faster and without that undesirable greasy residue
  • Dermatologist Tested and Recommended, Clinically Proven - our repair body lotion moisurizes distressed skin, and repairs and treats dry skin, skins tears, and more

Adamia’s therapeutic lotion heals damaged skin with macadamia oil. It absorbs quickly without leaving a residue.

The ingredients are non-GMO. There are no parabens, no petroleum-based products, no phthalates, and there’s no artificial fragrance, either.

Not only is this one of the best lotions to keep old tattoos bright, but it’s also recommended for treating new tattoos.

6. Eucerin Daily Hydration Body Cream with SPF 30

Eucerin Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Body Cream for Dry Skin, 8 Oz Tube
  • 2 in 1 Formula: This Eucerin dry skin cream is a 2 in 1 formula that moisturizes dry skin while helping protect from sun exposure
  • Sunscreen Cream: Daily Hydration Eucerin moisturizer with SPF 30 Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection helps defend against sunburn and long-term skin damage when used as directed
  • Enriched Body Cream: This Eucerin cream is enriched with Sunflower Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5, and is fast absorbing and non-greasy

Eucerin simplifies getting ready in the morning by combining body cream with sunscreen.

We’d recommend this one as one of the best lotions for tattoo aftercare because it softens your skin and protects you from UV rays.

Wearing this cream will keep your tattoo crisper for longer.

The hydration effects last for 24 hours after you apply it. Moreover, it’s free of artificial fragrances and dyes. This also comes in our best lotions for old tattoos.

7. Alba Botanica Very Emollient Daily Shade SPF 15

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion, Daily Shade SPF 15, 32 Oz (Packaging May Vary)
  • One 32 oz. bottle of Alba Botanica Very Emollient Daily Shade SPF 15 Body Lotion
  • Moisturizes and nourishes skin while providing broad spectrum sun protection
  • Made with a plant-based blend of botanical emollients like aloe vera and green tea and chamomile extracts

Alba Botanica’s lotion also provides protection from the sun.

It’s rich in botanical natural ingredients and emollients. It has soothing chamomile, green tea to firm your skin, and lavender to reduce inflammation.

Furthermore, it’s free of parabens, artificial fragrances, and phthalates and 100% vegetarian.

8. Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream with Pump Dispenser - 16 fl oz (1 lb) - Moisturizer Formulated Without Common Irritants for Those with Sensitive Skin
  • Moisturize and soothe: Use our body cream to hydrate, restore and maintain a normal moisture level for relief from irritated, cracking or itchy skin
  • Ingredients for sensitive skin: Free of dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens and formaldehyde releasers; this non-comedogenic skin cream won’t clog pores
  • Directions: Apply moisturizer as often as needed to face, hands, feet and body or as directed by a physician. Ideal for the entire family.

If you have very sensitive skin or allergies, check out this lotion from Vanicream. The rich texture is entirely free of parabens, fragrances, dyes, lanolin, and formaldehyde releasers.

It’s so mild and moisturizing that it won the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association.

You can use it on your face and body as it won’t cause breakouts or blackheads.

9. Curél Fragrance-Free Comforting Body Lotion for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Curel Fragrance Free Comforting Body Lotion, Unscented Dry Skin Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin, with Advanced Ceramide Complex, Repairs Moisture Barrier, 20 oz
  • REPAIR YOUR SKIN - Hydrates and relieves dry, irritated, itchy skin
  • ALL DAY MOISTURIZER - Time-released hydration provides 24 hours of continuous relief
  • RESTORE MOISTURE - Helps to restore skin's natural moisture barrier with daily use

Curél’s Comforting Lotion is suitable for old tattoos and new tattoos alike. It moisturizes your dry skin for 24 hours with time-released natural ingredients.

It features a ceramide complex. Ceramides restore the skin’s natural barrier to prevent moisture loss and infection.

The non-greasy formula is made for both your face and body.

10. Lubriderm Tattoo Daily Care Water-Based Lotion

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Unscented Body Lotion with Pro-Vitamin B5 for Normal-to-Dry Skin for Healthy-Looking Skin, Non-Greasy and Fragrance-Free Lotion, 24 fl. oz
  • 24-fluid ounce bottle with pump of Lubriderm Daily Moisture Fragrance-Free Lotion is our solution to replenish and moisturize dry skin that's suitable for the whole family*
  • Clinically proven to moisturize normal-to-dry skin for 24 hours, the fragrance-free lotion is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and skin essential moisturizers found naturally in healthy skin to help improve your skin's moisture barrier
  • Achieve healthy-looking skin with the use of the fragrance-free and non-greasy formula of this daily body lotion which leaves a pleasant, soft, clean and smooth feel to the skin

Lubriderm makes a special lotion specifically for tattoos. It’s an excellent healing Ointment for aftercare of a new ink tattoo and maintenance of old ones, too.

It has a lightweight texture that sinks in fast. But don’t be deceived as it’s a very moisturizing lotion.

It has soybean seed extract, glycerin, and Vitamin B5. The non-greasy formula is made for both your face and body. It will keep the skin moisturized.

11. NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration 3-in-1 Nourishing Lotion

Nivea Men Maximum Hydration Body Lotion, 3-in-1 Nourishing Lotion for Men, 16.9 Fl Oz Bottle
  • 3 in 1 Lotion: Men's lotion recommended for body, face and hands
  • 24+ Hour Moisture: NIVEA MEN Maximum Hydration 3 in 1 Nourishing Lotion intensively moisturizes skin for 24+ hours
  • No Greasy Feel: Lightly scented body lotion for men absorbs in seconds with no greasy feel

Guys may prefer Nivea’s lotion for men. It provides intense hydration for rough places like hands, knees, and elbows. But it’s also mild enough for the face and rest of the body.

Although it absorbs in seconds, the effects last for 24 hours or longer.

12. Hempz Natural Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Creme

HEMPZ Body Lotion Triple Moisture - Grapefruit & Sparkling Peach Daily Moisturizing Cream, Shea Butter Hand and Body Moisturizer - Skin Care Products, 100% Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil - 17 Fl Oz
  • Enriched, Natural Oils: This whipped body lotion possesses both Yangu oil and pure, natural hemp seed oil, which are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. Skin will retain supple moisture and firmness, with reduced inflammation and oiliness
  • Nourishing Ingredients for Your Best Skin: Dry, mature skin will be hydrated and conditioned to renew and revive its healthy radiance with Apple Fruit extract. Cogon Grass extract nourishes skin with its potassium, vitamin and mineral properties
  • Light and Airy Fragrance: Peach and grapefruit are infused in our luxurious skin creme to provide a sweet, calming scent that will last all day. There are no harsh chemicals, so the aroma is not too heavy, and it will not leave behind residue

Hempz makes a variety of vegan lotions with different fragrances. This one happens to smell like peach and grapefruit.

It has a whipped, airy texture that smooths the skin immediately. With hemp seed oil and Yangu, it’s an excellent moisturizer with potent anti-aging powers.

Once you apply it, it protects your skin for 24 hours.

13. Everyone 3-in-1 Lotion for Hands/Face/Body

Everyone 3-in-1 Lotion for Hands/Face/Body with Natural Herbal Extracts and Essential Oils, Unscented, 6 Fl Oz (Pack of 6)
  • Vegetable Glycerin Is Combined With The Skin Loving Oils Of Coconut And Sesame To Deeply Replenish Moisture.
  • This Lotion Is Light Enough For Your Face While Being Moisturizing Enough For Hands And Body. The Formula In This Lotion Is Good For All Skin Types, Making Skin Hydration Easy For The Whole Family.
  • Vitamins B5 And E, Are Added To Provide Even More Nourishing Moisture To Skin. Organic Herbal Blend Of Aloe, Chamomile, Calendula And White Tea Extracts Soothes Skin And Leaves It Touchably Soft.

Everyone’s Lotion avoids all the no-nos like gluten, artificial fragrances, parabens, dyes, and GMO ingredients.

It’s packed with vegetable glycerin, sesame and coconut oils, and vitamin B5 and vitamin E to restore the skin to health. It also has aloe, calendula, chamomile, and white tea to keep your body young and firm.

14. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

Aveeno Sheer Hydration Daily Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Skin with Soothing Oat, Lightweight, Fast-Absorbing & Fragrance-Free Intense Body Moisturizer, 18 fl. Oz
  • 18-fluid ounce bottle of Aveeno Sheer Hydration Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion to nourish, replenish and intensely hydrate dry skin for 24 hours of moisture while leaving a lightweight, breathable feel on skin
  • The unique formula contains nourishing oat, a skincare ingredient known for its nourishing properties. This sheer body lotion is non-greasy, non-comedogenic, paraben free, dye free, and allergy tested
  • Once applied after a bath or shower, the sheer daily body lotion absorbs in seconds, resulting in a fresh feeling you will want to experience year-round

Yes, you can use Aveeno lotion for old tattoos. It revives old ones and protects new ones while they heal.

The fragrance-free formula won’t clog your pores, and it sinks in fast without leaving a residue.

Aveeno’s secret weapon is colloidal oatmeal. It’s very soothing to the skin as it relieves dryness and itching. This is one of the best lotions for old tattoos

15. Tattoo Goo Original Tattoo Aftercare Lotion

Tattoo Goo Aftercare Lotion Soothing, Color Brightening Skin Moisturizer - Healing Treatment with Olive Oil, Healix Gold + Panthenol - Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Petroleum-Free, Lanolin-Free - 2 oz
  • THE POWER OF OLIVE OIL - The satin rich texture and light viscosity of the olive oil has a smooth silky feel, not greasy. Olive oil is a good carrier of essential oils and skin nutrients, stimulating the synthesis of such substances as collagen, elastin, proteoglycans and glycoproteins. The olive oil penetrates deep to re-moisturize dry skin, which is so important in the healing process. While extra emollients help draw moisture from the air enhancing the humectants process.
  • SUPERIOR HEALING - Our new formula combines the latest technology with the worlds most recommended ingredient Panthenol. Healix Gold has been hailed by a vast number of tattoo artists for its effectiveness and quality as a superior healing aid since its introduction in 2009. This formula helps to prevent scabs from occurring by combining the power of Healix Gold with vitamin D5, known for its skin conditioning properties, all contributing to a faster healing process.
  • ADVANCED MOISTURIZATION - Panthenol has been recommended by many tattoo artists as a moisturizing cream for new tattoos. It is the alcohol analog of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and is thus a pro vitamin of B5. This skin repair and moisturizing formula is great for older tattoos too as it helps to bring back the color once thought lost. Vitamin E is added as a powerful antioxidant.

Now let’s move on to the best lotions made specifically for tattoos.

Tattoo Goo is a popular choice for people with sensitive skin. It doesn’t have any petroleum-based products, mineral oil, lanolin, or an artificial fragrance.

Instead, it has vitamins A and D that promote healing. Plus, if you use it on new tattoos, it prevents scabbing to avoid problems with the tattoo.

16. Ink By Ed Hardy Tattoo & Color Fade Moisturizer

If you like to tan, try Ink By Ed Hardy. It’s a moisturizer that can extend your tan to keep you bronzed for longer. But most importantly, it makes old tattoos pop.

It’s loaded with shea butter and antioxidants that repair damage to your skin done by the sun. Furthermore, it has the company’s own Tattoo and Color Fade Protector to keep your tattoo bright.

Just keep in mind that it does not contain sunscreen.

Once you try it, you may be hooked. It never feels greasy, and it’s a pleasure to apply.

17. JWOWW Natural Black Bronzer with Ink Guard

This JWOWW lotion defends your tattoo with shea butter and vitamins to keep it from fading while you tan.

This is not a sunscreen, but an indoor tanning lotion with instant bronzers.

As a pleasant side effect, it makes the skin deliciously soft and smooth.

18. INK Tattoo Sunscreen SPF 50+ Stick

We know it’s not a lotion, but we’re slipping in this product all the same. After all, it does moisturize the skin while it protects against sun damage.

This convenient little stick makes sure UV radiation doesn’t damage your tattoo.

19. After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & Aftercare Lotion

After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & Aftercare Lotion, Vegan Tattoo Aftercare Cream Enriched with Grape Seed Oil, Tattoo Balm, Tattoo Kit Essentials - 3 Fluid Ounce Tube (1-Pack)
  • EXCLUSIVE TATTOO AFTERCARE PRODUCT FOR INK MASTER: After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & Aftercare Lotion is the exclusive tattoo aftercare of the TV Show Ink Master. It's been used and recommended by world-renowned artists for over 15 years, a testament to the quality of our ink aftercare treatment.
  • TATTOO KIT ESSENTIAL: The power of our tattoo moisturizer and aftercare lotion is made to help your skin maintain its moisture and keep your tattoos looking vibrant for longer. One tube contains 3 ounces of specialized hydrating lotion that soothes and moisturizes.
  • NO ANIMAL-DERIVED INGREDIENTS: Our tattoo care lotion uses a patented formula enriched with grape seed oil, an ingredient known to help reduce skin dryness and improve softness and elasticity. Our lotion for tattoos is formulated to preserve your ink's colors while keeping your skin moisturized. It is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and made to fit every lifestyle and skin type.

After Inked tattoo aftercare lotion is designed and used by well-known tattoo artists. It was featured on Ink Master as well.

This vegan moisturizer contains grapeseed oil to keep the skin young. It’s free of parabens, petroleum, artificial fragrances, and gluten.

If you’ve had permanent makeup procedures for tattoo removal, it’s mild enough to use on the skin there, too.

20. H2Ocean Ocean Care Tattoo Aftercare

H2Ocean Ocean Care Tattoo Aftercare Water-Based Unscented Lotion for Extreme Tattoo Healing, Skin Soothing Cream & Moisturizer 2.5 oz
  • FOR NEW OR EXISTING TATTOOS - Ocean Care tattoo healing cream is an anti-inflammatory that quickly reduces redness and swelling of new tattoos; it also works to moisturize old tattoos and keeps the skin clean.
  • MOISTURIZER - Skin is moisturized and nourished through necessary vitamins and minerals present in the sea salt and other natural ingredients.
  • ALCOHOL, FRAGRANCE, & DYE FREE - This product does not use any alcohol or fragrances that might dry out your skin and cause irritation.

H2Ocean avoids petroleum with their water-based lightweight aftercare lotion. Some users say that it’s the best product they’ve ever used on their old tattoos. They love how it makes the colors pop.

21. Hustle Butter Deluxe

Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare 5oz Tattoo Balm, Heals + Protects New Tattoos and Rejuvenates Older Tattoos - 100% Vegan Tattoo Cream No-Petroleum
  • TATTOO AFTERCARE ESSENTIAL: Hustle Butter is the original luxury tattoo aftercare product for new and older tattoos. Safe to use right after getting a tattoo to help heal and reduce irritation unlike others. Makes tattoos older tattoos pop and rejuvenates them.
  • HELPS HEAL, PREVENTS FADING: Hustle Butter is not only safe for new tattoos, but encouraged to help the healing process. It also prevents fading and revives color in older tattoos
  • NATURAL VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Certified cruelty-free, absolutely vegan, our all-natural butter is also petroleum, paraben free. It is made from only the finest ingredients, including Shea, Mango, Aloe butter, Coconut, Sunflower, Rice Bran oils, Rosemary Oleoresin, Green Tea, Vitamin E Complex, Mint Arvenis Essential Oil, as well as the essence of Papaya, Coconut.

We love Hustle Butter deluxe as it’s natural and all-around useful.

You can use it during the tattoo process, plus it heals new tattoos.

Down the road, you’ll find that Hustle Butter deluxe makes your old tattoos look vibrant again.

Some of the highlights include shea butter and mango butter, coconut and sunflower oil, rosemary, green tea, and mint. This is the perfect tattoo butter for tattoo care.

22. Ora’s Amazing Herbal Tattoo Salve

Ora's Amazing Herbal Tattoo Salve, Tattoo Aftercare, Tattoo Balm, Tattoo Healing Ointment, Tattoo Cream, Tattoo Moisturizer, Made in the USA with Organic Ingredients, Plastic Free Tattoo Care
  • Ora’s trusted tattoo aftercare and itch relief is made with our base oil which is slow infused with 6 organic herbs and love. Helps tattoos heal faster, and itch less. Deeply moisturizes and nourishes old tattoos for a brighter more enhanced tattoo.
  • A salve is a natural ointment that is infused with herbs and blended with botanicals to deliver healing, moisture and protection to the skin. Our Tattoo Salve helps new tattoos heal and older tattoos look brighter while avoiding the ingredients that we do not want on our skin and in our bodies.
  • Herbal Infused, Synthetic Free, Small batch. Ora's Amazing Herbal is a small family business that is environmentally, socially, and ethically responsible. Made in the USA. Family owned business.

Give individual tattoos a boost with this salve. It’s based on grape seed oil that’s infused with organic herbs and essential oils. It has calendula, comfrey, burdock, tea tree, rosemary, shea butter and more.

Each batch is made fresh in the USA and free of artificial ingredients and is made using only natural ingredients.


Urban ReLeaf TATTOO SKIN SILK! Heal new ink fast! Brighten old tats! 100% Natural Shea Butter Salve Ointment, Cream Lotion Protect! Vegan. Healing Botanicals!
  • Heals New Tattoos fast! Rich Natural Moisture! Makes old tattoos look rich and dark! Gentle, Effective, Holistic, Healing, Vegan.
  • New tattoos need protection. Tattoo Skin Silk will NOT clog pores or pull out your great new ink like lanolin or petroleum. Made from Earth's Finest Ingredients: Raw Shea Butter, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Lavender and Tea Tree.
  • Heal quickly with our balm that protects while allowing your skin to breathe. Tattoos heal fast, without damage to the design. Essential oils of: Rosemary, Lavender, Tea-Tree.

Here’s another tattoo balm that’s good for the healing process for new tattoos and reviving old ones.

Use the tattoo balm as a spot treatment on faded old tattoos to brighten up the colors.

This tattoo balm is created with raw shea butter and essential oils of tea tree, lavender, and rosemary.

24. Tattoo Aftercare Oil by Urban Nomads

Urban Nomads Tattoo Aftercare Oil, 100% Natural with Creamy Orange Scent, Restores and Moisturizes Skin and Body Ink, Made with Argan Oil, Vitamins and Essential Oils, Handcrafted in Barcelona, 1 oz
  • RENEW YOUR TATTOO DESIGNS: Urban Nomad's Tattoo Oil brings your tattoo art to life! Containing 100% natural ingredients, our tattoo aftercare oil nourishes and pampers your skin. It also features lemon and bergamot orange. Tattoo aftercare shouldn't stop when your skin is healed - use our tattoo oil to keep your skin healthy and smooth and your colors poppin'!
  • ESSENTIAL OIL MAGIC POTION: What happens when you combine Moroccan cold pressed argan oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil, and bergamot oil? You get an amazing smelling oil that totally revitalizes your skin and ink.
  • HAVE A HEART FOR YOUR BODY ART: We added flower extracts, vitamin C, and vitamin E to make an oil that truly does wonders for your tattoo art. A few drops can make even decade old tattoos look like new.

Urban Nomads designed this tattoo aftercare oil to double as beard balm and deodorant. It can also repair split ends in your hair.

Perhaps you should consider packing this one on your next trip.

It’s handmade in Barcelona from argan, almond, and sunflower oils with hints of bergamot, coconut oil lemon, shea butter and rosemary. As you can imagine, it smells delicious and is really good for your older tattoos as well.

25. Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life Tattoo Care Kit

Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life Complete Tattoo Care Kit, Includes Tattoo Defining Aftercare Salve, Brightening Tattoo Wash and Moisturizing Tattoo Lotion
  • VIBRANT TATTOO -Our tattoo aftercare kit includes moisturizing Tattoo Wash to help retain color & enhance vibrancy; A tattoo aftercare soap that revives aging ink & assist in healing at the same time
  • BRING OUT YOUR TAT'S COLOR - With the brightening & soothing lotion that contains essential oils and shea butter, this tattoo after care set makes your ink look clean, colorful and shamelessly cool
  • HEALS & PROTECTS - The Tattoo Salve in our after tattoo care kit contains Vitamin E, olive oil, castor seed oil and lavender oil to assist in the healing process and protect against fading & infection

Billy Jealousy wants to give you all the tools you need to maintain your tattoos in top condition.

This kit contains tattoo wash, lotion, and salve.

The wash exfoliates dead skin with glycolic acid and papaya extract. Healing tattoo requires patience (Don’t use the wash while your new tattoo is healing. It will sting!)

Then the lotion moisturizes intensely with cucumber and shea butter to keep your art looking as fresh as the day it was inked. Use it twice a day for maximum results.

Meanwhile, the salve is packed with vitamin E and vitamin C and lavender oil to speed up the healing process. Apply it to a new tattoo three times a day and this is non-comedogenic.



We hope you discovered the perfect lotion to revive your old tattoo today.

If you take care of your skin, your tattoos will stay looking beautiful for longer.

Drop us a comment about your favorite tattoo moisturizer and aftercare lotion for old tattoos.


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